City of Tampere Ecosystem Role

Depending on the need and context of the ecosystem or theme ecosystem, the City of Tampere can play different roles.

Innovator & Investor

Apply the principles of innovation in the internal organization and processes. Stimulate innovative solutions by acting as launching customer.

Solution enabler

Build ecosystems by gathering parties that normally do not work together to deliver creative new solutions. Support the ecosystems by channeling government funding.


Create an environment in which new businesses and smart solutions can emerge and grow. For example by providing ‘open data’ and by facilitating start ups.

Strategist & Advocate

Sets out a clear direction for the City of Tampere: what is our vision and ambition with the Smart Tampere Ecosystem. Furthermore: be an active advocate of the city as innovative hub for new business.

Director & Regulator

Create or change laws and regulations to allow new business models and disruptive entries, and simultaneously protect the interests of citizens and users of the city.

Connector & Protector

Secure modern transportation infrastructures, energy grids and digital networks. Set standards and take measures to make these vital infrastructures resilient and safe.

City of Tampere Ecosystem Role