The Smart City Cookbook provides an introductory guide with a set of examples that cities and other smart city program leaders can utilize when planning and managing their smart city activities. Examples in the book are from the Smart Tampere program by the City of Tampere in Finland.  Read more

AI Hub Tampere is a new artificial intelligence research center hosted by Tampere University. It is a neutral publicly funded center at your…  Read more

Smart Tampere and a group of smart companies showcase their expertise in the Nordic Pavilion of the Smart City Expo World Congress. One of th…  Read more

Operational environment is changing faster and faster, and the challenges cities and companies face has become more complicated. Thus it is i…  Read more

We have so much Smart Tampere stuff going on we had to take three times the space compared to last year. At the stand, you can meet eight companies, three EU projects and several people from other smart activities ready to tell you all about our innovative solutions.  Read more

The first ever Tampere Smart City Week was held in October 8th to 12th 2018 in several locations around Tampere. The week's program consisted of 16 smart city and digitalization related events.    Read more

The commercial production of carbon-negative district heating has begun in Hiedanranta, Tampere. This is the first time carbon-negative district heating is being produced commercially in Finland. Hiedanranta city district in Tampere will act as a development platform in a project where Carbofex Oy company will produce district heating alongside biochar, its main product.  Read more

The future tramway (up and running in 2021) in Tampere offers lots of opportunities to develop new services and test technologies. Due to history in smart phone development Tampere has a strong know-how in imaging and camera technologies.  Read more

The very first Investor & Business Forum Tampere gathered almost 300 people from different fields of business and economic development to…  Read more

Tampere was selected by Chinese committee of experts to be awarded a prize for the STARDUST project and the objective of being carbon-neutral by 2030. Euro-China Green and Smart City Summit and the award event was organized in Ningbo China September 6th to 8th 2018 and Tampere was one of the European cities to get the recognition.  Read more

Interested in building a smart city? Having new ideas? Networking? Or just spending a great weekend with awesome people? If your answer is…  Read more

City of Tampere is looking for fresh new ideas what kind of content could be useful in city info screens. The screens are using touch technol…  Read more

Get into the spirit of the Europe’s biggest hackathon, Junction, with its pre-event TechRace Tampere (17th September). Every TechRace partic…  Read more

The Smart Tampere programme by the City of Tampere will be reformed after 20 months of running. It will focus more on sustainability and even more effort is put into business co-operation. In the future, the programme will consist of three parts: digitalisation programme that aims for digitalising the city services, ecosystem programme that aims to create new business models, and the new part, sustainable Tampere programme that aims to make the city carbon neutral.  Read more

The event provides interesting speakers, bright ideas and new connections around the topical theme. You will find out what kind of possibilities Nokia Digital Automation Cloud ie. the private LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in Hervanta, Tampere can offer for companies, universities and research institutions.  Read more

The Smart Tampere development program has been in motion for little over 18 months. It is time to present examples of practical results: this is how the Smart Tampere Ecosystem Program has facilitated vibrant business activity.  Read more

The Smart Tampere development program has been in motion for little over 18 months. It is time to present some examples of practical results: this is how the Smart Tampere Ecosystem Program supports urban development and opens up more resources and city's challenges for companies.  Read more

The City of Tampere is testing mobile interpretation, that is, a video-based interpreting service available through smartphones, at the Herva…  Read more

A newly-created 3D model of the city of Tampere can be used in planning and showcasing future city developments. The model demonstrates, for…  Read more

For the duration of the rest of the year, the Tampere tramway building sites will experiment with using Bluetooth beacons to send nearby smar…  Read more

It became evident that in order to develop an agile and cost-effective way to produce information for the knowledge based decision making in the city there needs to be a guide book that provides solutions for the different departments’ needs. The City Developer’s Quick Guide Into the World of IoT was the result.  Read more

Black finger post signs and totem signs guide pedestrians from Tampere railway station and Central Square to the Ratina Stadium in a new guidance pilot.  Read more

The Tampere Events App will be launched at the IAAF World U20 Championships. The app offers its users plenty of information about the event, routes and services. In the future, the app is hopefully used widely in all kinds of events in Tampere.  Read more

The City of Tampere’s recently completed artificial intelligence pilot will help to predict pupils’ need for special support in the future. T…  Read more