Backstage: Pauli Välimäki and Smart Buildings

Backstage series presents the people behind the Smart Tampere program. Next up is an old stager and a wizard of smart buildings and energy efficiency, Pauli Välimäki.

Pauli Välimäki Smart Tampere City of Tampere


I'm in charge of Smart Buildings and Infastructure theme that I lead together with our theme chariperson Miimu Airaksinen, the CEO of the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers. The theme is wide and we work together with the different departments and programs at the city, like the Tramway, Hiedanranta (future city district), Five Star City Centre. It's great to see how Smart City of Tampere grows around us!

We have also started new projects like the EU Lighthouse project STARDUST where we are piloting energy efficient solutions in buildings and mobility. Soon we will start the 6Cities project Energy Smart Cities where we develop smart and carbon neutral energy system in Hiedanranta. But there's more to come. Like futuristic smart building in Hervanta and block of apartments made from wood in Vuores.

I moved to the Smart Tampere program from the Mayors staff where I worked ten years as a special assitant for the two former Mayors. I'm a Master of Social Sciences by education, and I have to say I sometimes feel like a proper old hippie in this Smart Tampere team populated by former Nokia engineers. 

My free time I like to spend with good books, movies and with my grandchildren. During summer I get to craft with my sailboat and renovate old buildings that keep popping up in my family.    

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Pauli Välimäki
Development Manager
+358 40 801 6035