Growing smart together at the Smart City Expo

Smart Tampere and a group of smart companies showcase their expertise in the Nordic Pavilion of the Smart City Expo World Congress. One of the world’s largest smart city expo is just the place to be for networking and meeting new customers and partners.

The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) brings together over 800 exhibitors and over 20 000 visitors from all around the world. In the Nordic Pavilion they can take a real look at the public transport of the Tampere Region – Wapice Ltd showcases a system that tracks selected Tampere buses and their energy consumption in real-time.

Wapice Ltd has been a digitalization partner for industrial companies for years, and today it is using the industrial expertise for smart city needs: smart traffic, smart buildings… When the Smart Tampere development program announced an opportunity of agile piloting, Wapice was eager to join.

– Our IoT-Ticket is a tool suite with many application areas. With Smart Tampere 6Aika: City IoT project we are using it to gather, analyse and compare bus traffic data, for example to better understand the real operating costs and to help future route planning, says Product Manager Mika Ranta-aho of Wapice.

IoT-Ticket allows users to build reporting applications in minutes, so any new ideas can be put into practice quickly and easily.

”Grow. Smart. Together.” So says a Smart Tampere slogan, and that’s why public–private co-creation is a crucial method in the program. At the moment, Smart Tampere has several agile pilots running with various companies.

In the case of Tampere public transport monitoring, Wapice provides tools and digitalization expertise and the City of Tampere the bus traffic, i.e. a source of real data, so both parties benefit. For a company, real-life piloting has a great value.

– We can show what our technology can do, and there is an enormous amount of other cases in a city environment where it could also be applied. I think we will all be surprised by the variety of new ways to use it in the near future, says Ranta-aho.

Enermix Ltd is a Tampere-based company offering digitalization solutions and services to make buildings smarter. Participating in the STARDUST project under the Smart Tampere program and thus cooperating with the City of Tampere is a natural choice: cities are notable property owners and potential Enermix customers.

– We offer several different digital services on a single platform that serves all the property owner’s needs, be it for example heating control or monitoring water or energy consumption. Our solution is scalable, comprehensive and technology-independent, says Enermix CEO Janne Heinonen.

In the STARDUST project, funded by EU Horizon 2020, Enermix is developing a smart control system for 30 selected buildings in order to make more efficient use of district heating. Monitoring and controlling the indoor environment saves energy costs and improves the quality of living. It may also extend the lifespan of a building by for example helping prevent moisture problems.

– If we think of buildings such as schools or day care centres, a co-creation project with the City is the best way to gain access into those buildings and their indoor environment data. The City owns the data, of course, but we can learn from it, says Heinonen.

Seven European cities are involved in the STARDUST project, and that is guiding the participants to develop internationally scalable solutions.

At the Smart City Expo Enermix is ready to explain its services for a global audience. It is not their first international opening, but an opportunity to network and find new contacts, as well as see what other companies are doing in the field of smart city development.

– Of course we would like to obtain new customers during these three days in Barcelona. Then, we are also looking for partners, like companies with smart new products that have not yet reached Finnish markets but are willing to do so with our help, says Heinonen.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 is held in Barcelona 13–15 November. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland combine their forces to set up one common Nordic Pavilion for Nordic companies and cities. Smart Tampere is attending the event together with a strong team of ten companies:

Funding the co-creation for example: