Help us be the techiest of them all - sign up for TechRace Tampere 17.9.!

Get into the spirit of the Europe’s biggest hackathon, Junction, with its pre-event TechRace Tampere (17th September). Every TechRace participant will get a secret code and a huge advantage when applying to Junction 2018!

WHAT: TechRace Tampere
WHERE: Tribe Tampere community space, Pinninkatu 47
WHEN: 17th September, 17:30-23:00

TechRace tours through nine cities to find the top concentration of tech masterminds in Finland. In every event, the local participants will receive a large pool of challenges to solve, ranging from programming puzzles to design problems, from basic tasks to extremely problematic ones.

In addition to the puzzles, Smart Tampere will pitch its Junction 2018 challenges Towards New Generation of Guidance and Smart Traffic - From Predictions to Real-Time in the local pre-event. Also new ideas how to develop the layout of info screens located in the city center will be gathered. One of the ideas will be awarded with a Mindtrek ticket.

In TechRace the nine cities also compete with each other. The winning city, “the techiest of them all”, is chosen based on the total points all participants earn during the local TechRace event. So, sign up and help us to win this one!

How to participate

TechRace is open for anyone interested in learning, solving, developing and trying new stuff with tech. You can be a software developer, first year business student, designer, law expert…. It doesn’t matter what your background is, this is for everyone!

So join us and sign up for the event at:

More specific info you can find from:

Other local TechRace events:
12.9. Tiedekulma - Helsinki
17.9. Tribe Tampere - Tampere
18.9. Ylioppilastalo - Vaasa
19.9. SparkUp - Turku
24.9. Voimala Business Park - Jyväskylä
25.9. TBA - Lappeenranta
27.9. Tiedepuisto - Joensuu
4.10 Startup Sauna - Espoo
5.10. Aleksinkulma - Oulu