Hiedanranta - Smart and sustainable residential area Seminar materials available

Hiedanranta seminar, held on 24th March in Tampere Technopolis, attracted a wide audience. With its international keynote speakers, the seminar explored the possibilities for the future Tampere city district Hiedanranta in the light of international experiences on planning a smart and sustainable city.
We thank all the speakers and the participants!

The seminar examined the strong trends that are driving and changing the way we live and work, e.g. new forms of housing and transport, sharing ecomony, awareness of sustainability, and what does all that mean to urban planning. What needs to be taken into consideration when planning and constructing new smart, sustainable urban environments?

The seminar program, presentations, and the list of participants are available here:

Program (PDF)


Brief Introduction to Hiedanranta,
Mr. Reijo Väliharju, Hiedanranta Program Director, City of Tampere
Brief Introduction - Mr. Reijo Väliharju, City of Tampere (PDF)

Future City - Experiences and Extrapolations from Today's Smart Cities, Dr. Bas Boorsma, Director, Internet of Everything & City Digitization, North Europe, Cisco
Future City - Dr. Bas Boorsma, Cisco (PDF)

ABC City 2.0 - Attractive City of the Future, Mr. Mats Rönnbo, Nordic Development Director, Skanska SWE and Mr. Anders Grundströmer, Director, Scania Sustainable City Solutions, Scania
ABC City 2.0 - Mr. Mats Rönnbo, Skanska, and Mr. Anders Grundströmer, Scania (PDF)

The Future of Work and Retail - Conclusions for Cities of the Future, Mr. Mikko Östring, Director, Commercial and Public Properties, RAKLI - The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients & Finnish Council of Shopping Centres
The Future of Work and Retail - Mr. Mikko Östring, RAKLI (PDF)

Future City - Mobility Tomorrow, Mr. Jukka Lintusaari, Executive in Residence, Tampere University
Future City Mobility - Mr. Jukka Lintusaari, Tampere University (PDF)