How would your company want to spar the city development in Tampere? Answer before 30th January

The City of Tampere is developing its practices and wants to find out if companies would be interested in sparring city development needs in their early phase.

City units identify their needs related to for example optimizing their work and developing their services. Companies on the other hand have the best knowledge about the solutions and technologies at the markets, and thus they know what would be the smartest and most cost-efficient approach to answer the City's development needs.

The cooperation have already been done through for example market discussions, open definition and experiments. The City wants actively try and develop agile but efficient and beneficial ways to cooperate between public and private sector.

The City and Tampere Region Economic Development Agency (Business Tampere) have regocnized that there is a need for early phase sparring. Thus we have created a quick survey that will research if companies would be interested to spar the city development and what would be the best way to do this kind of cooperation in their point of view.

The survey (max. 5 min) can be found from here:

Please answer before 30th January.

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Carita Isomäki
Project Coordinator, Smart Tampere