Looking for a smart testing platform?

future tampere
(Vision pictures: Cobe & Lunden)

Are you the one with a smart city product or a service that you know will make our every day lives a little bit smoother? Tampere is the city where you can test and develop that product or service in a real live city environment.

Right now in Tampere we have several development projects going on and planned that are open for co-creation and development. These include real estate and infrastructure development, smart mobility, big sporting and culture events and venues, the smart and sustainable city district of the future and so on.

Here are the higlights:

  • The tramway will change the way we move in Tampere not to mention the real estate possibilities near the tracks. Right now we are looking for new service innovations for the tram itself but also the stops and areas not only surrounding the tram stops but the tracks and buildings near the tracks.
  • The Smart Hervanta area is a testing platform next to the Tampere Technical University and the Police University College and covers a good bit of the tramway tracks. The platform is a cloudbased mobile network that allows 5G testing of all kinds of smart city services.
  • Our City Guidance Ecosystem and our City IoT projects are currently looking for quick pilots around pretty much anything to do with services that make the citizens' and the tourists' lives easier. 
  • Our STARDUST project is looking for energy efficient solutions especially to do with buildings and mobility. 
  • The brown field testing ground and future city district of 25,000 people, Hiedanranta, is open for solutions to do with circular economy, zero emission and future ways of living in the city. 

If you have the solution, product or service that could be tested and developed in Tampere, please, contact our Smart Tampere program director:

Program Director Tero Blomqvist
+358 50 585 1080
City of Tampere