Tampere drives digitalisation: Now immigrants can get advice on a video chat

The City of Tampere’s Migration Info Centre Mainio has launched a new video chat service. In the Migration Info Centre video chat, one can use either an ordinary text-based chat or a video call. In a video call, it is possible to share the screen and look at websites or fill in forms together with the advisor.

The goal of the video chat service is to offer advice quickly and easily to customers, some of who now go a long way to get to Mainio.

Most of our customers are unemployed, working-age people. They have limited resources for coming to Mainio to get help and advice. Customers come to Mainio from different parts of the Pirkanmaa region. In addition, we are contacted by people from all around Finland – sometimes even from abroad. When used correctly, digitalisation may offer solutions to these challenges, among other things, says Takura Matswetu, Coordinator of Immigration Services.

The Migration Info Centre video chat can be found on the City of Tampere website at www.tampere.fi/mainio

The Migration Info Centre Mainio video chat is a pilot project that will continue until May 2018. The pilot project is part of the Tampere Digitalisation Programme. At the same time, it is also assessed whether a similar remote advice service can be offered in other services provided by the city.