The first Tampere Smart City Week was built in co-operation

The first ever Tampere Smart City Week was held in October 8th to 12th 2018 in several locations around Tampere. The week's program consisted of 16 smart city and digitalization related events.  

Tampere Smart City Week was held in 16 locations
Pic: Jenna Tuominen

The goal of Tampere Smart City Week was to act as a platform for co-operation, knowledge sharing and networking. The events brought together education organizations, companies, investors, startups, international guests, citizens and different City departments. The week included events that interested people from kids and robot enthusiasts to international investors. 

The week was built around Mindtrek, an over 20-year-old technology conference held in Tampere. Other main events were the startup festival Stream, the Aamulehti brings robots to Ratina shopping centre event, and the Investor & Business Forum. 

"The week and the events were planned together with education organizations, companies and city officials. We had a core group that met once or twice a month since February. The group members were super active in joint marketing efforts", says Marketing Specialist Jenna Tuominen who was in charge of the Tampere Smart City Week coordination at the City of Tampere.

Tampere Smart City raises international interest

The Smart Tampere program by the City of Tampere has raised a lot of international interest. During Tampere Smart City Week the City of Tampere hosted several high level delegations from, for example, China, Russia, Mexico, Poland, Norway, Lithuania and Kenia. The guests were introduced with Tampere's smart city strategy but also our cleantech and circular economy solutions, education and healthcare. The aim for the visits was to map co-operation possibilities with the City, the education organizations and the local companies. Also Mindtrek guests were more international than ever in the event's history. For the first time Mindtrek hosted a large future education themed event for education professionals from China. Also Indian embassy brought a large group of IT sector professionals and companies to Mindtrek. 

Tampere Smart City Week was organized by the City of Tampere's Smart Tampere program together with different city departments and 24 local partners, including private companies, media and universities. 

The plan is to arrange Tampere Smart City Week again in 2019.

Link: Tampere Smart City Week 2018