VR Morning


VR Morning is here again
Fri 6.10.2017 from 9am to 15pm.

Do you have a demo you would like to present at the event? Come to Kampusklubi at Kampusareena, Korkeakoulunkatu 7, Tampere, and see what kind of immersive VR and AR hot topic applications have been done by companies and research groups.

Demos are available for testing and you are welcome to talk about applications in the fields of VR and AR. Mr. Kari Peltola will interview all demo masters starting at 9am.

Free admission.

Organised by Kampusklubi, Visumo 360 and Virtual Reality Finland ry, FIVR

Look up more infomation on VR Morning website, or share the event on Facebook

VR Morning 6.10.2017.pdf