Want to be a part of building a smart city? Apply to Junction before 7.10.!

Photo: Junction 2017

Interested in building a smart city? Having new ideas? Networking? Or just spending a great weekend with awesome people?

If your answer is yes, please check out the Junction 2018 event and the challenges of Smart Tampere there. The deadline for applications (7th October) is allmost already here. Here is some helpful basic information:

What is this?

Junction is the biggest hackathon of Europe, where around 1.300 international talents solve predefined challenges during an intensive weekend (23.–25.11.) at Espoo, Finland. Beside the hacking, Junction offers plenty of other activities. The program will soon be published at https://2018.hackjunction.com/.

Smart Tampere is located together with the city of Espoo and the city of Salo to the track Future Citites. The challenges of Tampere are related to city guidance and smart mobility. In the Towards the New Generation of Guidance challenge the focus is on how the city guidance could be taken to the whole new level by utilising technology and data. In the Smart Traffic - From Predictions to Real Time challenge the new solutions and services in the context of smart mobility are developed. In both challenges one important view is to guide people toward sustainable modes of transport. Read more from the challenge descpriptions:

Who can apply?

All who are interested in technology, learning, problem solving, developing and trying something new can apply to Junction. You can be for example a software developer, business expert, designer, law expert or student.

What comes to the challenges of Tampere, it is good to notice that we are looking especially such kind of solutions that could actually be piloted in a real urban environment and could possibly be integrated to the city services.

How to get to Junction?

You can apply as a team or as an individual. The application form is at: https://apply.hackjunction.com/login

More information:

Carita Isomäki
Project Coordinator, Smart Tampere
+358 44 208 7778