Tampere is smart in many ways but these seven themes we have identified as the most important ones to take forward at this stage.  Read more

Ensuring fast and safe data transfer through open APIs between different operators.  Read more

The focus of the Smart Industry theme is to strengthen the position of Tampere and Tampere Region as the competency cluster of manufacturing…  Read more

The focus of the Smart Health theme is to identify and prepare new operational models and pilots together with companies, the City of Tampe…  Read more

Using the disruptive potential of technology and data to innovate and empower citizens In addition to digitalizing city services citizen…  Read more

The objective of the Smart Mobility theme is to create an internationally recognised testing and innovation ground of smart traffic in Tamper…  Read more

Vision A Smart Building is comfortable and accommodating. It produces information for users’ needs, does not consume much natural resourc…  Read more

Smart Education ecosystem in Tampere consists of both digitalisation of education in all levels from pre-schools to universities and looking…  Read more