Smart Buildings

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A Smart Building is comfortable and accommodating. It produces information for users’ needs, does not consume much natural resources or energy and utilises waste resources. In addition, it functions economically sustainably and viably.

The objective of the theme is to create functional ecosystems and co-operation projects resulting in intelligent and sustainable buildings and areas in the Tampere Region. In addition, the theme activates businesses in the region to participate in development projects generating growth and internationalisation, and to make Tampere Region a recognised reference area of smart building. The theme promotes also co-creation, experimentation and co-operation in building with businesses, research and educational institutions, and municipalities.

Key themes at the moment:

  1. Responsive buildings. Developing a built environment that is intelligent and responsive to people’s needs. Increasing building-human interaction. Developing living as a service. Introducing sharing economy and shared spaces as part of urban life.
  2. Energic buildings. Seeing buildings as an active part of the energy system, as producers and consumers of energy. The goal is to increase renewable energy use and to form a regional zero-energy or energy-plus system. Integration and optimisation of building energy systems at a regional level. Developing and piloting ecological, economic and social life cycle approach.
  3. Digital buildings. Promoting digitalisation of real estate and building *ala*. Integrating data from buildings’ whole life cycle (from planning to use and re-use or re-cycling) on shared platforms. Collecting and refining building users’ MyData and real-time condition data as information for the benefit of residents and users.

Projects such as 6Cities: Energy wise cities and Horizon2020: STARDUST execute essentially the objectives of Smart Buildings theme. City of Tampere has also many other ongoing projects related to smart and sustainable buildings.

Theme Manager Miimu Airaksinen
+358 40 770 4832

The City of Tampere in Finland is building into a smart city by treating city development projects as platforms for innovative solutions and new business models. The city enables this by opening data, building ecosystems and enhancing the culture of cross-industry co-operation. In the real estate expo MIPIM 2018 Tampere is showcasing how it acts as a platform.  Read more

Backstage series presents the people behind the Smart Tampere program. Next up is an old stager and a wizard of smart buildings and energy efficiency, Pauli Välimäki.  Read more

EU-GUGLE project arranged an open house event in two retrofitted BEST buildings in Tampere 4.6.2018. The event got over 200 excited people to see what had been done during the renovations.  Read more