Smart Government & Citizen

Using the disruptive potential of technology and data to innovate and empower citizens

  • In addition to digitalizing city services citizens use to include ways for the citizens to participate in city planning. Safety and security related to new solutions can improve the quality of life of the citizens. Potentially some of the new services for the Citizens could be attractive for the Tourists also. Education is an important area of city services that could benefit a lot from new solutions.
  • Fields related to this theme: Smart Public Housing, Smart Public Services, Smart Safety, Smart Enforcement, eGovernment, eEducation and Connected Campus.
  • The key values for Tampere are: quality of Llife, improved quality and accessibility of services and information,  lower cost per citizen through digitalization, safety and security.

One of the ways the Smart Tampere program operates is to open the city's and the region's development plans to the public as early as possible. This way the companies can plan their business better according to the city's plans and needs.  Read more

The City of Tampere’s Migration Info Centre Mainio has launched a new video chat service. In the Migration Info Centre video chat, you can use either an ordinary text-based chat or a video call. In a video call, it is possible to share the screen and look at websites or fill in forms together with the advisor.  Read more

Hervanta pilot area is a cloud based network where innovative companies, universities and research institutions can test new smart city services and solutions. The City of Tampere and the Smart Tampere Program offer a network built in Hervanta by Nokia Oyj. The goal is to co-create new solutions that scale to other cities world wide.  Read more

Hervanta pilot area was launched in Tampere 11.12.2017. The area is a cloud based network built by Nokia Oyj. The City of Tampere and its Smart Tampere program offer the network for companies to use in order to create and test smart city services in co-operation with other companies and organizations.  Read more

The city of Tampere and the Smart Tampere program offer companies a network built in Hervanta by Nokia. The goal is to create services and solutions for a smart city.  Read more

A 120-centimetre humanoid robot called Pepper served customers at the Frenckell Service Point of the City of Tampere on two days. Pepper’s ro…  Read more

It became evident that in order to develop an agile and cost-effective way to produce information for the knowledge based decision making in the city there needs to be a guide book that provides solutions for the different departments’ needs. The City Developer’s Quick Guide Into the World of IoT was the result.  Read more

The City of Tampere is testing mobile interpretation, that is, a video-based interpreting service available through smartphones, at the Herva…  Read more