This is how Smart Tampere works

Value is created in ecosystems

Smart Tampere program aims to create a cooperation model where companies, research organizations, communities and citizens develop services and solutions either together with the City of Tampere or by using the city as an innovation and testing platform.

One main goal in the way we function, is to make future plans together with all the participating parties and make the city’s needs, challenges and procurement processes visible to the participants. Companies acquire, among other things, user feedback and new information on customer needs. Smart Tampere model leads to new solutions and better services for citizens as well as new business for companies.

Smart Tampere opens up to companies in many ways

Roadmaps - i.e. project plans and schedule

On the front page, we have featured the themes Smart Tampere takes forward. We will construct a roadmap about the upcoming projects for anyone to view under each theme. This way the companies can plan ahead taking into consideration what projects there are coming up in the region or what projects the city itself planning to execute. In the projects, the City of Tampere can be either a partner, a test platform, an enabler or a buyer.

Open requirements definition

In the open requirements definition model, we aim to make sure that the need or challenge to find solutions has been defined in the best possible way and with the best possible knowledge. This is done by involving companies, research institutions, citizens and communities in the requirements definition process. The need that is being defined can come from the city or from any of the other participants.

As a result of the requirements definition process there will be a public documentation that anyone can use to enhance their business. The City of Tampere will use it as a background for procurements and development. Companies can use the document when developing their products for international markets and other smart cities.

Each theme has a theme leader that is in charge of putting together the roadmap and leading the requirements definition process. Contact the theme leaders to join the processes and projects.

The contact information for each theme leader is listed here at the Contact page.