Smart Tampere

Digitalization program

The aim of the Smart Tampere Digitalization Program is to digitalise the services of the City of Tampere by 2025. Tampere aspires to make everyday life easier for the city’s residents and offer more modern services that can be used regardless of place and time.

This program involves both extensive transition initiatives and agile experiments. Rapid experiments carried out with a limited number of participants help us find out which digital services work the best. The most functional solutions are taken into more extensive use. Agile experiments allow us to avoid unsuccessful procurements and receive information on the latest technologies that can be used for the city’s benefit.

For further information on the Digitalization Program, also see the City of Tampere website.


Digital services become primary channel by 2025

In future, Tampere residents will have more opportunities to use the city’s services regardless of place and time.

Renewed practices

The City of Tampere is developing its operations ambitiously. We are not only deploying new technology – we are also looking to do our work in a smarter way.

The city develops through experiments

Rapid experiments help us find out which digital services work the best in Tampere.


Mia Vaelma

Program Manager

Smart Tampere Digitalization Program

City of Tampere

— +35840 800 4634