Smart City Guidance

Tampere is one of Finland’s fastest growing cities, and it invests heavily in smart city development. Innovative guidance solutions involve significant potential for urban development, both from the perspective of increased service business and that of testing and launching new, innovative and scalable solutions onto the market.

The 6Cities Smart City Guidance project seeks ways to develop a more functional and comfortable urban environment and to promote the fluency of city residents’ everyday lives. The project involves pilots and agile experiments on city guidance related to rush hours, events and changes in pedestrian and cycling routes during events and construction sites. One important development target is guidance in the Ratina area, especially during events. Agile experiments are also used to test new types of guidance related to the city’s attractions and other sites of interest.

The project will end in autumn 2019. For further information on the Smart City Guidance project, see the project website:

Practical Implementations

Smart Guidance Handbook

We are preparing a new kind of smart guidance handbook in collaboration with the cities of Turku and Helsinki. It is a comprehensive city guidance plan that serves as a joint manual for municipalities, businesses and interest groups.

The cookbook describes the needs, currents status and responsible parties of city guidance. It comprises a concept for smart city guidance, including accessibility improvements for different sites, city guidance both in normal and exceptional circumstances, a suggestion for the roles of involved parties within the ecosystem, various solutions for smart guidance, and practical examples of good and poor practices.

References and business development opportunities for companies

Pilots and agile experiments allow companies to join in on the creation of a new, innovative guidance concept while also having the opportunity to test and develop their own products.


The 6Cities network spreads knowledge to new cities

6Cities is a joint strategy between the six biggest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu. The cities engage in mutual projects and pilots to develop new services for smart and sustainable cities.

The 6Cities Smart City Guidance project, in turn, is a project between the cities of Tampere, Turku and Helsinki. In addition to the city organisations, participants in the project include Turku University of Applied Sciences and Turku Science Park.

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