Partnership model for sustainable neighborhoods (KIEPPI project)

The goal of the project is to develop Kera in Espoo, Hiedanranta in Tampere and Tiedepuisto in Turku into sustainable neighborhoods that provide new jobs in circular and sharing economy. A partnership model for sustainable and carbon neutral neighborhood will be developed, where different material flows are as closed and as resource efficient as possible. The model includes different ways of acting in collaboration between the city, companies, research institutions and citizens in order to implement circular economy concepts when planning and constructing new neighborhoods.

The workshops and pilots of the project are open for enterprises, developers of the services and users. Companies have the possibility to get involved in the areal planning already at the early phase instead of the common practices of today. The participating companies get new references and scalable business models of smart and resource efficient products and services for the needs of the growing cities. The developed products and services will be essential when planning and building the living environments into sustainable, carbon neutral, healthy, safe and comfortable areas.

With the new partnership model, the role of the city as being the purchaser or the executor will turn into a platform and a partner. As one result of the project an open and growing partnership network starts growing in the participating cities. The network develops and produces new services and products for the needs of sustainable and carbon neutral cities.

The city of Tampere is the main implementer of the project. The partial implementers are the City of Espoo and Turku Science Park Oy. The implementation time of the project is August 2019 – June / 2021.


Together with companies and other actors, the project will pilot solutions based on the circular economy in relation to five different themes. The pilots are planned for spring 2020 together with companies in separate workshops and meetings. The themes of the pilots are as follows:

1. Premises and distribution and circular economy services (Espoo and Turku)

2. Utilization of nutrient, energy and material flows (in Espoo and Turku)

3. Urban food production solutions (Tampere and Espoo)

4. Utilization of waste and by-products (Tampere and Turku)

5. Diverse and health-promoting blue-green structures (Tampere)

We invite companies and others to feel free to contact us for various solutions in accordance with the circular economy in connection with the above pilot packages.

Karoliina Tuukkanen kuva

Karoliina Tuukkanen

Project manager


City of Tampere

— +358 41 730 1710