Agile experiments explore solutions for making a carbon neutral city

Ecofellows Ltd. Oy and the City of Tampere were looking for ideas for agile experiments using open real estate data. The purpose of the experiments is to provide companies with the opportunity to test their fresh solutions. At the same time, cities will receive new tools to achieve their carbon neutrality goals.

Experiments on real estate data are implemented in two larger entities, the first of which focuses on residential real estate. As a result, the world’s clearest user interface for energy choices and impact is expected. This is to be combined with gamification. Gamification makes tracking the energy consumption of everyday life and making nature and energy-saving choices more rewarding for residents.

An enormous amount of information for residents is condensed into a pragmatic view. Instead of kilowatt-hours and tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, energy use is presented in an easy-to-understand and fun way, says Project Manager Jari Saukko from Ecofellows Ltd.

Other solutions, such as utilizing the digital twin of a building, are also being piloted. The digital twin makes it easy for a caretaker, property owner and rescue authorities to get the information they need. In addition, a novel blinders that control flow of energy through the window based on the presence of people and the weather forecast will be tested. The experiments will be carried out by Atea Oy, Codecontrol Oy, Collapick company Oy, Empower Oy, Enermix Oy, Helen Oy, Loopshore Oy, Schneiner Electric and Solar Kaihdin Ky. Experiments are implemented during the winter at Ecofellows Ltd., Tammerkoski hydropower plant. The solutions are to be used in VTS Oy Opiskelijankatu 31, a family new apartment building, in 2020.

Solutions for city service properties

The second set of experiments relates to new solutions being tested in city service properties. The big picture is how to combine, visualize and deliver data of the buildings for end users in a conceivable form. Data will be used also as a background information in the decision-making processes of the maintenance and repair programmes and to enhance energy efficiency of the buildings and utilization rates of the rooms. Indoor air quality of the buildings will be monitored through various IoT sensors and the data will be combined with the utilization rate information.

Seven public buildings were selected to be the demonstration platforms. Buildings consist of schools, offices and sports and leisure centres. The solutions will be tested by Jaspartners Oy, Enerkey Solutions Oy, IISI Oy, ATEA Oy, Xortec Oy, Enermix Oy, Steamlane Oy and Fidelix Oy.

The piloting will begin in the coming weeks with the installation of the necessary sensors and will continue at selected sites until spring, says Project Manager Ilari Rautanen from the City of Tampere.

Experiment data transfer utilizes the Platform of Trust, where data is transported in a specified format with speculated metadata. On the platform, room, property, block level and corporate data streams combine.

Tampere is an excellent test platform for companies and the city to develop clean technology business. Eight billion people are waiting for our solutions. New agile experiments and pilot searches are still to come, so stay tuned!


More information

Ilari Rautanen
Project Manager, Energy Wise Cities
City of Tampere
tel. +358 40 806 3252


6Cities: The Energy Wise Cities project aims to boost the role of the participating cities towards international example areas of energy-efficient housing, zero energy construction, diversified energy systems, energy efficiency monitoring and end user guidance. The integration of energy systems together with intelligent energy control enable open regional energy platforms and the development of flexible energy ecosystems. The project is joining six biggest Finnish cities Oulu, Tampere, Turku, Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki together conquering these goals.


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