Agile pilots benefit both the companies in the area and the City of Tampere

Mirella Mellonmaa / Business Tampere

The agile pilot experiments by companies sought during October on a tight schedule have been selected. A total of 23 different tenders were received between six different challenges, and Merja Maijala, Project Manager at Smart Tampere, is satisfied with this result.

“We received more than one tender for each challenge even though the application period was really short, and we are grateful that so many companies took up our challenges”, Maijala says.

Challenges were available for so many industries that a separate panel of experts was selected for each challenge to evaluate the proposals. Each panel has scored the proposed solutions, and further discussions will take place with the solution or solutions that received the most points. Unfortunately, some tenders had to be rejected because, in accordance with the public procurement guidelines, tenders that do not comply with the call for tenders are excluded from the tendering process.

Agile experiments are a desirable form of cooperation between the city and companies

The solutions offered by the companies selected for further discussions will now be examined in more detail together, and any experiments to be launched will be fully implemented later this year.

“Agile experiments have quickly become desirable forms of collaboration. They offer companies the opportunity to test and develop their own solutions in a real urban environment based on the real needs of the city”, says Maijala.

The aim is to raise Tampere’s reputation as a smart city and support companies in the area

Several application rounds for agile experiments have already been carried out in Tampere, and more are underway. A total of almost a hundred ideas have been received from about 60 different companies. About a third of these ideas have progressed to piloting.

“Our goal with agile experiments is for companies to be able to test their own solutions in a nimble and quick manner. Another goal, of course, is for the solutions to be globally scalable and that they would also provide the companies with a commercial advantage internationally. And thereby, naturally, to raise Tampere’s reputation as a pioneer in agile and smart urban development”, says Maijala.


More information about the progress of the experiments will be provided in Smart Tampere’s channels. Discussions on the implementation of agile experiments will continue with the companies listed below.

Creating a digital twin for the Smart City test area in Hervanta: Sitowise Ltd and VTT Technical Research Center Ltd

Virtual presentation of Tampere comprehensive schools: Polar Partners Ltd

Virtual marketing concept for the presentation of the region’s companies and operating environment: Wakeone Ltd

New forms of business in the coronavirus epidemic: Visuon

Using building data to improve energy efficiency: Sitowise Ltd

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