Become a climate partner – registration is open

The Sustainable Tampere 2030 programme launches a climate partnership model for businesses and communities in the Tampere region. The Climate Partnership will be launched in connection with the Leadership Symposium on 9 September 2020. Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

In the Climate Partnership, businesses and communities commit to Tampere’s climate goal by identifying the key emissions from their activities and making a plan to reduce them. They can also explain how their solutions affect the emission balance of other parties. Each participant in the Climate Partnership may perform climate work in their own way and highlight at least one climate action each year, which will then be communicated to customers and residents.

Tampere Region Climate Partners meet regularly for networking events such as breakfast meetings and the annual Tampere Region Climate Forum. These meetings will include networking, introducing new partners and sharing good practices.

Sustainable Tampere 2030, the City of Tampere’s programme for climate goal implementation, communicates the actions arising from the Climate Partnership and gives committed businesses and communities a logo they can use in their communications. Through the Climate Partnership, businesses and communities gain visibility and awareness for their climate actions as well as guidance and tools for climate work.

The city’s goal is to reduce emissions by at least 80% and compensate for the rest. Emissions refer to the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the City of Tampere. A large amount of emissions are generated by private companies, communities and residents.

The Tampere Region Climate Partnership will be launched in connection with the Leadership Symposium on 9 September 2020, but you can register as a climate partner right away at (in Finnish).

Programme for the launch, Wednesday 9.9. 15.30–17 (In Finnish):

  • Presentation of the operating model, Aleksi Jäntti, Deputy Mayor, City of Tampere, Laura Inha, Development Manager, Smart Tampere/Sustainable Tampere 2030 and Pirkko Eteläaho, Project Manager, Business Tampere
  • Tampereen Sähkölaitos, Jukka Joronen, Vice President, Energy Markets
  • Tampere Hall, Marko Koivisto, Property Manager
  • Tampere Student Housing Foundation TOAS, Kirsi Koski, Managing Director
  • StepOne Tech Oy, Vesa Vaine, Country Manager
  • Federation of Tampere Ev. Luth. Parishes, Teemu Salminen, Pastor and Secretary of the Environment Committee (acting)
  • Questions and discussion

We reserve the right to make changes. The events will take place remotely.

Register for the launch of the Climate Partnership. (In Finnish)

Register for the Leadership Symposium.

Organised by the City of Tampere and Business Tampere.

More information available from:

Laura Inha
Development Manager
Sustainable Tampere 2030, City of Tampere
+358 40 801 6035

Pirkko Eteläaho
Project Manager
Business Tampere
+358 40 630 4840

Photo: The Tampere Region Climate Partnership model aims to involve local businesses and communities in the pursuit of a carbon-neutral Tampere. Photo: Laura Vanzo/Visit Tampere

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