Citizen participation through Tampere.Finland application

The Tampere.Finland city app will have another set of new features this spring. There is a new section ’Influence’ to promote interaction between the City and the residents of Tampere. More information and a wider scope of events are also available in the updated app.

The Tampere.Finland city application services both locals and visitors in Tampere. The new update will add features that are useful especially for people living in the area.

Tampere.Finland city app already includes several services: route guide, public transport routes and timetables, available parking spaces in parking facilities, carbon footprint calculator, recycle collection points, electronic library card, culture routes and a Tampere event calendar, as well as the Tampere Pass (Tampere Tunnetuksi Passi).

The new section ’Influence’ provides tools to give the City feedback, be it thanks or complaints, questions or suggestions. Add your contact details and you’ll get an answer as well. The app will also enable the City to make quick surveys and gather residents’ opinions.

Additionally, there is a tool to report any problems one has noticed in parks and other public green areas, street maintenance or street lights. Using smartphone is sometimes the easiest way to report a problem, since the app allows doing it right there and then.

– If there is a fallen tree blocking your jogging trail, you can take a picture of it and send it with the app. That’s all you need to do. It is often possible to determine what’s wrong and where by a photo and location data only, says Project Manager Anni Joela.

More information and events

The City offers a wide variety of information about its operations: services, planning and decisions that affect everyone living in the area. News and articles on current issues are published on the City website, and they will be available in the Tampere.Finland app, too.

– The app is a new channel that allows the City to communicate directly with residents. Multichannel communications allow everyone an easy access to information and freedom to choose the channel they like best, says Joela.

The update will also enable push notifications. They will be used in case of important matters needing urgent attention of larger crowds.

The city app offers more events after the update. So far it has covered bigger, maybe tourism-related events. Now it is time to add smaller, resident-oriented ones: all kinds of physical and cultural leisure activities, for example.

More sustainable development

The Tampere.Finland app encourages users to make sustainable choices. Public transport is easily accessible with the app and the carbon footprint calculator is being developed further. A ’Recycle’ section was added earlier this spring, providing information on recycle collection points in the area.

Another new feature will be access to the Tampere version of My2050 mobile game, with instructions as well. It is a free adventure game that takes players to explore the city centre and solve tasks, learning about the climate change as they go. The Tampere version was developed as part of the Smart Tampere development program and the STARDUST project.

The Tampere.Finland city app update is ready for release in May 2020. Feedback and ideas are welcome, for example through app stores.

– Only imagination is the limit to what could be included in the city app, although there may be some technical conditions. Developing the Tampere.Finland app is such an interesting task – there is always something more to do either from the touristic or residential perspective, Joela says.


The Tampere.Finland application has been developed in the Smart Tampere programme together with the STARDUST project, funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 program, and Visit Tampere. The app has been implemented by Geniem Oy and can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

STARDUST has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program (grant agreement N ° 774094).


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Project Manager, Smart Tampere
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