Future city district

The future Hiedanranta area will be home to 25,000 residents and 10,000 employees. Together with Lielahti, Hiedanranta will form the attractive western centre of Tampere, which is a pleasant place to live, work and spend leisure time. New ideas, experiments and urban culture flourish in Hiedanranta. Smart and sustainable solutions will facilitate the daily lives of the residents. This future lakeside district will be located along convenient traffic routes and an easy tramway ride from the city centre.

The district is developed ambitiously together with various parties. Hiedanrannan Kehitys Ltd is in charge of the development work.

Who and how can utilize?

Innovative Hiedanranta serves as a development platform for experiments and projects that promote smart technology, sustainability and the circular economy. Cooperation is carried out with city residents, businesses, research institutions and other organisations. When developing the new city district, the focus is on the inhabitants – smart and sustainable solutions are sought to make life smoother for future city dwellers.

At present, more than 20 different development projects are underway that are related to experimental urban culture. Want to join us in developing the Hiedanranta area? See more information on Hiedanranta webpages.


CO2-negative biochar power plant

The Carbofex Oy power plant in Hiedanranta produces biochar, which can be used as a breeding ground and for soil amendment. Biochar is also helpful when filtering impurities from soil, water and air.

At present, the power plant produces CO2-negative heat energy for the district heating network of the Tampere Electricity Ltd electric plant. Hiedanranta is the first customer of CO2-negative district heating in Finland.


Juha Kaivonen

Project Development Manager

Hiedanranta Development Program

City of Tampere

— 040 680 0179