The LoRaWAN network enables the production of smart services with battery-operated and cost-efficient sensors. On account of minimal power consumption and a comprehensive network, the deployment of the metering services is easy and cost-efficient.

In the extensive “deep-indoor” level network, which was built by Digita, various operators can further develop their IoT services. The network can be scaled to millions of terminal devices in the Tampere region. LoRaWAN is an open technology standard that enables open competition and a diverse ecosystem of suppliers. The technology platform will be accessible until May 2020.

Who and how can utilize?

The network can be used free of charge by entities such as companies, universities and research institutions. Even the city may implement different experiments and pilots in the network, including in relation to street lighting control and monitoring the quality of property indoor air.

If you want to utilise the platform in the development of your service or product, please contact Markku Niemi.


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Smart Connectivity

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