European Partners of the STARDUST Project Visiting Tampere


The City of Tampere had an honor to host an executive board meeting of the international STARDUST project. The meeting took place in Tampere on 24th and 25th of April. The STARDUST partners from all over Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Great-Britain and Czech) were all represented at the meeting.

On the first day, the status of the project’s work packages was viewed. Also, learnings and identified challenges so far were discussed. In Tampere, the work has started as planned. As the project is in its early phase, it has been essential to organise common practices between Tampere consortium partners, as well as specify our pilot plans. In addition, the project team has actively participated in organising a hackathon concerning the smart street lighting network. The team registration for the Enlighten Tampere hackathon is ongoing at the moment.

Our European partners’ work had also started successfully. Many possibilities for cooperation was recognised. Tampere was for example able to give some tips related to advancing electrical mobility.

On the second day, we heard more about the two subtasks of Tampere: the talotohtori-system of Enermix Oy and the district cooling development project of Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy. This year Enermix will focus on developing their system in eleven residential buildings (student apartments). The objective is to improve the living comfort, energy efficiency and cost-efficiency of the building. This is to be gained for example through optimising room temperatures and cutting energy consumption peaks by smart algorithms. It has been estimated, that the solution will provide an average of 10 percent annual savings for the customer.

The other case that was presented, was related to developing new solutions for district cooling. The district cooling network of Sähkölaitos is one of the biggest in Finland, and the new district cooling facility at Kaupinoja, where we visited (see the photo above), is now the biggest one in Europe. The basic idea is that the lake Näsijärvi is utilised in the cooling of the real estates, such as the data center in Hatanpää. Lake source cooling is an excellent example of renewable and environment-friendly energy. As part of the STARDUST project, Sähkölaitos is developing new solutions related to this lake source cooling.

The STARDUST project will continue until year 2022, and the progress of the programme can be followed via Twitter @Stardustproject or by signing up for a newsletter on the project’s website

More information about the project:

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General info about the STARDUST project in Tampere

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