Joint development efforts and energy-efficient housing in Härmälänranta district

Skanska has been constructing the new Härmälänranta residential district in Tampere, Finland for eight years now. The Härmälänranta Innovation Day held at the beginning of September attracted close to 20 residents and several representatives of the business life to hear about the services foreseen for the district and generate ideas for future development. New energy-efficient concepts are being developed for the housing company As Oy Tampereen Härmälänrannan Sampo, among others.

Presentations were given of the car share leasing service offered by Hertz Oy and the intelligent district heating services provided for housing companies by Enermix Oy.

We wanted to offer companies an opportunity to present existing or future services for potential residents, invite feedback and develop new forms of cooperation, says Regional Director Toni Tuomola from Skanska Construction Ltd.

At the same time, residents were encouraged to propose ideas as to how to make the City of Tampere carbon-neutral over the next few years. The feedback called for improved cycling routes and waste sorting and efficient public transport by increasing the number of daily services.

It appears that the residents in Härmälänranta are active and climate-conscious. To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s vital that they take part in developing the district, says Project Manager Maarit Vehviläinen from City of Tampere.

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions from housing

The prevention of climate change is a high priority for the City of Tampere and Skanska. As Oy Tampereen Härmälänrannan Sampo, a housing company currently constructing a 7-storey residential building, is exploring technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

The roof will be partly covered with solar panels that will provide electricity for the AC system, lifts and lighting. The AC system provides for inlet air cooling and heat recovery. Usually, flats are cooled while the sun is shining, which means that the electricity required for cooling can be conveniently drawn from the solar panels. Each parking place will permit electric vehicle charging while smaller flats will not have saunas. The basement will offer ample storage space for bicycles and include a bicycle servicing station.

We will also make use of the sharing economy. For example, residents can book a room for guest accommodation on the first floor, which means that no special guest room is needed in the actual flat, says Project Engineer Niklas Töyrylä from Skanska.

Added comfort will be provided by a water-filled floor heating system and the possibility of controlling indoor temperature and ventilation from a single intelligent control panel. As Oy Tampereen Härmälänranta Sampo and the concepts developed for it are being monitored as part of the international STARDUST project.

The EU-funded STARTDUST project seeks to develop low-emission and energy-efficient ICT concepts for electric traffic, intelligent outdoor lighting, demand flexibility in heating and energy production in new residential districts. Other cities participating in the project due for completion by the autumn of 2021 include Pamplona (Spain) and Trento (Italy).

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Maarit Vehviläinen
Project Manager, City of Tampere
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Toni Tuomola
Regional Director, Skanska Construction Ltd
tel. +358 (0)40 754 3045

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