Building, energy and infrastructure

The population of Tampere grows by approximately 3,000 inhabitants annually, so new buildings and infrastructure are constantly being constructed in the region. New environmentally friendly and low-emission solutions are needed to design and use new buildings to ensure the sustainable growth of the city. On the other hand, new means are needed to improve the energy efficiency of old building stock to reduce emissions from energy consumption. The new solutions should be healthy and comfortable as well.

If you wish to participate in the planning of smart buildings and residential areas, select the methods most fitting to you and get involved in the activities related to the theme. Let us work together to create functional and energy-efficient construction and energy use solutions for the city and have them spread further in other countries and cities!

Who can participate?

The activity around the theme is intended for small and large companies and research and educational institutions that develop products and services related to smart construction and the energy efficiency of housing. This could mean solutions related to, for example, zero-energy construction, implementation of diverse energy systems, monitoring energy efficiency and guiding users.

Property owners who wish to employ new solutions can also engage with the theme. Residents can comment on and test the functionality of the new solutions.


Tampere is the most attractive place to live

According to a research study conducted by Taloustutkimus, more than every third Finn could consider moving to Tampere. In terms of the whole picture, Tampere is also considered the best place to live.

Laura Inha kuva

Laura Inha

Program manager

Sustainable Tampere 2030 programme

City of Tampere

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