Health and well-being

Tays RDI-Center at Tampere University Hospital is a centre for research, development and innovation, which is in charge of coordinating health and well-being promotion. The vision for the digitalisation of well-being services in Tampere is to have everyone in the city primarily using digital services in 2025. The development of new services is based on the openness of digital solutions and the promotion of integration. This way, collaboration between the involved parties spur on the creation of new digital well-being services.

Tampere University Hospital works in close cooperation with businesses and the City of Tampere, but individual people are also welcome to join in. Pick a channel that works for you – and hop in!

Who can participate?

The co-creation space offers opportunities for various parties: health-sector businesses, clinics, researchers, developers and end-users.


A meeting place for experts

Tampere has a strong solution-oriented startup ecosystem, as well as health research, education and skills. Tampere Region Hospital District and Tampere University Hospital provide demanding specialized medical services and create the conditions for health research and education. Tampere University is among the most versatile and attractive universities in Finland, producing research of international interest and being closely involved in co-development.


Reijo Itkonen

HUB Manager

Business development, HealthHUB

Hospital District of Tampere Region

— +358 40 503 5252