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Omaolo digital service for healthcare and social welfare

When experiencing new symptoms or facing service needs, many people initially seek advice online. A mass of information is available, but it is scattered and the advice is not tailored to the user’s specific needs. Steps have been taken to develop a new, national solution to this problem: the digital Omaolo service. Tampere is actively involved in the project.

New services

Symptom assessments

Clients can use Omaolo symptom assessments to reliably and easily evaluate their need to seek treatment or care. The questions in the symptom assessments are based on latest research data and Current Care Guidelines. If required based on the client’s individual situation, the client receives a referral to services in his/her preferred municipality or hospital district via Omaolo. A care or treatment recommendation may refer to a direct electronic contact or appointment with a nurse, a physician or a physiotherapist, an encouragement to seek emergency help, or instructions for home care. Symptom assessments can be submitted whenever the user wants, and the database provides an immediate response. The response can also be sent to a professional for review.

At present, the service gives care instructions for symptom assessments related to lower back pain, an assumed urinary tract infection or the flu. The Omaolo services will expand during 2019 through 12 new symptom assessments, a comprehensive well-being examination and well-being coaching, for example.

Assessments of service needs

Assessments of service needs help users to assess what kind of support or help is available for their individual life situation or that of their relatives and friends. The assessments are based on legislation and jointly agreed criteria. The information can be saved in Omaolo for future reference. The service also provides information on third-sector services that could prove helpful in the person’s life situation.

In Tampere, Omaolo can currently be used for assessing whether a person is entitled to support for informal care, transport services or personal assistance.

Did you know?

If you have clear symptoms of urinary tract infection, you can get a prescription for treatment through Omaolo in few hours.