Renewing industry

Digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) are changing industrial production, products and competition at an accelerated pace, while also creating significant growth and internationalization opportunities for early adopters. Utilizing this potential necessitates that companies step up their research, product development and innovation activities.

This also means that their expertise and spheres of operation narrow down. To maintain their competitive edge, companies must embark on partnerships with experts from other fields. The era of slogging away alone is over.

Seize the challenge and become a trailblazer. By taking part in the activities of this theme, you can boost your own competitiveness and gain access to an extensive network of experts. While doing so, you can also help us strengthen the status of Tampere as a top hub of expertise in the manufacturing industry!

Who can participate?

The activities around this theme are directed at industrial companies big and small that are interested in digitalizing their products, services or processes. Our aspiration is to also engage companies that offer various digitalization solutions. Blending these parties is at the core of this theme.


New ideas have always stirred by the rapids in Tampere

From these ideas, new work has sprung up – even whole communities. New ideas have filled the quiet spaces in once-busy factories. The Tampere region combines a long history as a centre of industrial know-how and development with solid ICT expertise. Together with a multisectoral talent network and a strong culture of collaborative working, this has laid a great foundation for industrial renewal, innovation and development.


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Renewing Industry

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