Smart mobility

Traffic and mobility are facing major changes. Although the development of telecommunications has shrunk the globe, increased traffic is an ongoing trend. The spreading of urbanisation and digitalisation across all industries means that the importance of traffic planning will have increased emphasis and, on the other hand, that the field offers great potential for new ideas and models.

If you wish to be a part of this transition and impact the fluency of people’s everyday lives, pick the most suitable ways to engage in the activities around this theme. Let’s join forces and make the Tampere region one of Europe’s smartest transport systems with efficient, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly mobility!

Who can participate?

The activities around this theme are directed at businesses and research institutions that develop products and services related to smart mobility. This may mean solutions related to autonomic or electric transport, next-generation guidance, or challenges with traffic junctions.

In addition, we would like to hear city residents’ mobility-related ideas and needs. We also collaborate with students on theses related to the topic, for example. If you have an idea or a thesis topic in mind, contact Jari Ikonen!


Collaboration with a long history

Tampere is a renowned trailblazer in traffic and mobility solutions. ITS Factory is an active business ecosystem that has operated in the region for a long time and has supported collaboration between different parties and the creation of new solutions. It comprises a variety of participants from the public sector to research institutions and businesses.


Jari “Yatzy” Ikonen

Senior Business Advisor

Smart Mobility

Business Tampere

— +358500456636