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Tampere is one of Finland’s fastest growing cities. The city’s pull is boosted by various events, and this gives rise to the need to develop city guidance to better meet both current and future challenges. Good and effective guidance improves visitor experience by making mobility easier and making services available with less effort. Guidance helps people find services and appropriate routes, while also preventing and resolving traffic jams.

Guidance development is mainly carried out in the 6Aika City Guidance Ecosystem project. In addition to examining guidance during events and exceptional situations, the project seeks solutions to guidance around local attractions and historical sites.


Ratina area’s event guidance

Ratina area’s event guidance has been developed for example by creating Tampere Events App. The app is a publication system that allows event organisers to publish their own events. The visuals and functionalities can be modified for individual events as needed. The application was tested for the first time during the World U20 Athletics Championships. The application was developed by Eatech Oy.


The city info screens offer interactive and digitalized guiding. The screens improve city guiding and increase the attractiveness of events by offering wide choice, clear map view and navigation intsructions, as well as bringing the event supply near the visitors. The content of the screens has been developed together with many companies.

Did you know?

Millions of event visitors

In year 2017 Tampere had 4.6 millions of visitors in various events organised in the area. The business related to these events was up to 625 million euros. The customer satisfaction was good or even excellent. By developing the event guidance, Tampere can sustain its place as one of the most attractive event city in Finland also in the future!

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