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Digital procurement in public transport

Tampere Regional Transport is renewing its systems. The new systems will make bus ticket purchases easier, allow more detailed information on bus locations even in exceptional circumstances, and improve bus route planning.

New services

Buy bus tickets more easily

Ticket payments will transfer into a new, identifier-based system. This means that passengers will also be able to use other identifiers for payment besides the current travel card, such as a bar code or the NFC function on a mobile phone.

In future, other parties besides Tampere Regional Transport (TKL) will also be able to sell bus tickets as part of their services. Those interested in selling tickets can set out to agree on the use of the sales interface with Tampere Regional Transport as soon as the new system is launched.

The new payment system will be taken into use gradually. At first, customers will be able to buy single tickets with the ‘Nysse Mobile’ app installed on a smartphone. Mobile payments will later expand to other ticket types. The full deployment of the new payment system is scheduled for 2020 at the latest.

Real-time information in exceptional situations

The new information system allows passengers to receive real-time information on exceptions and fault situations, such as traffic accidents. The information system also gives traffic light priority to buses to improve schedule accuracy and to shorten travel times. The new information system will be adopted at the end of 2019.

Improved flexibility in public transport planning

Public transport routes and schedules are planned using a specific planning system. Our current planning system was originally adopted in 2001. Using the system requires a lot of manual work, which could be automated if using a newer system. For this reason, the city opened a competitive bidding process for a new planning system and will take it into use in 2019.

Did you know?

The city offers open data

The real-time data for public transport will be shared as open data and interfaces through the City of Tampere open data service portal. The open data can be used for developing different apps, for example.

More information

Jukka Puranen

Project Manager

Public Transport ICT Systems

City of Tampere

— +358505411312