The city develops

Electric-powered transport

Increasing electric-powered transport is one option when aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb climate change. The City of Tampere is developing electric transport through different projects.

Practical implementations

Data collected on electric buses

The City of Tampere is evaluating the benefits of electric buses by collecting data on electric and hybrid buses that operate the same lines. The measurement data and its analysis also enable fact-based decision-making on future material procurements. Data is collected on such aspects as the electricity consumption of the vehicles, charge times, kilometres driven and air temperatures.

The idea is to find out how an electric bus actually behaves in winter conditions, for example, or how much electricity is spent during use and if an electric bus requires more maintenance than an ordinary bus running on diesel.

Charging network for electric vehicles expands in Tampere

The city encourages market-based charging network development for electric vehicles in Tampere. Several charging points can already be found, for example, in connection with shopping malls and in Finnpark’s parking caves. In addition, the city has built two quick chargers and several semi-fast transaction charging points across the city.

The new master plan for charging points will focus on implementing a charging network for city-owned properties to meet the obligations of relevant EU legislation.


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