New Tampere.Finland application launched


The new, free-of-charge Tampere.Finland app responds to the needs of both residents and travellers, giving easy access to information about services in Tampere. The app includes, for example, public transport routes and timetables, available parking spaces in parking facilities and a Tampere event calendar as well as the Tampere Pass (Tampere Tunnetuksi Passi).

The Tampere Pass has become a standard accessory in the pockets of Tampere residents over the last five years.

– The popularity of the mobile app has grown in recent years, and it is great that various actors are collaborating in Tampere and helping to improve the user experience, says Riikka Töytäri, the executive director of the Promoting Tampere Association (Tampere Tunnetuksi ry).

When more services become available in one application, you start using it more often. This year, too, the Tampere Pass provides about a hundred great offers on services, restaurants and stores in the city centre. The offers are also suitable for tourists who can make purchases based on them, Töytäri continues.

The app also gives guidance on interesting sights in the city centre of Tampere.

– The app guides the user on a walking tour where you can explore the sights on both sides of the Tammerkoski rapids, says Turo Leppänen, Senior Specialist at Visit Tampere.

The app is continuously developed based on the users’ wishes. A future goal is to cover a wide variety of services provided by the city.

– We are planning that, in the future, you could use the Tampere.Finland app to, for example, borrow books, check the condition of ski tracks and buy tickets for the Vapriikki museum, says Anni Joela, Project Manager at the City of Tampere.

Download the app on Android or iOS.

The City of Tampere is constantly looking for new solutions to improve digital services and the experience of residents and visitors alike. The app that is now launched originates from the hackathon competition, held in June 2018, whose aim was to find solutions for building smart services in the city as well as information and knowledge management.

The international STARDUST project, for example, develops low-emission and energy-efficient ICT solutions for themes such as electronic transport, smart outdoor lighting, elasticity of demand in district heating, and energy production in new residential areas.

– We are interested in testing whether street lights could be controlled in a smarter fashion based on, for example, location data provided by a mobile application, says Maarit Vehviläinen, Project Manager at the City of Tampere.

Information concerning events, routes, public transport and parking spaces is updated automatically in the app through open data interfaces provided by the city.

The app was developed under the Smart Tampere programme of the City of Tampere, together with Visit Tampere and the STARDUST project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. The app was implemented by Geniem Oy.

More information:
Project Coordinator Carita Isomäki
+358 44 208 7778

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