Possibilities and limitations of video analytics were explored in Smart City Mindtrek 2020

Technology and innovations create new opportunities for safety and security. In particular, the potential and limitations of video analytics were explored as part of the Smart City Mindtrek 2020 safety and security track. The event also served as a kickoff for the SURE project.

Tampere has excellent expertise in developing new security solutions. At the Smart City Mindtrek 2020 event in January, Tampere-based actors presented their perspectives to the international community. The speeches addressed topics such as for example ethical questions of facial recognition technologies, EU legislation, human-eye and camera differences, and video analytics and machine learning in patient safety and healthcare. Public presentation materials can be found at the end of this article.

In addition to technology development perspectives and future visions, the track also looked at safety and security from a city perspective. In many cities, as in Tampere, safety and security have become an important part of the city strategy.

The events are important to the vitality of Tampere. The city develops event areas taking into account visitors, residents and event organizers. Safety and security are a natural part of this service and we utilize smart city safety and security technology wherever possible, says Markus Joonas, Project Manager, City of Tampere.

The city can serve as a platform for companies to develop new smart solutions. A concrete example of this is the multi-stakeholder project SURE, launched at Smart City Mindtrek 2020.

Smart cities answer the challenges of the future and in SURE project we look for solutions to smart safety and security challenges in urban context, says Sari Mäenpää, Senior Consultant, Insta Group Oy.

With a total budget of 4M €, the project will simulate the behavior of human masses, the functioning of public spaces and, for example, the impact of lighting on people’s behavior in event and emergency situations. Video analytics will be used in the project, for example, to identify the movement of human masses. For further information, please contact Project Manager Anniina Autero.


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Anniina Autero
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Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa


Smart City Mindtrek 2020 Safety and Security track’s public presentation materials:

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