Remarkable award for a housing company in Tampere, Finland

Janne Heinonen (Enermix Ltd.), was representing the pilot building housing company in the award ceremony.

Tampere’s EU-GUGLE BEST 7 was awarded with the Heat Pump City of the Year award by European Heat Pump Association EHPA. The award was appointed to the limited housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20 and Enermix Ltd., which acts as a building’s energy monitoring service company. The housing company building is utilizing several different innovative energy systems as exhaust air and ground source heat pumps, wastewater heat recovery system, two-way district heating system and solar energy implementations. The energy concepts installed were a part of the renovations that were done under the EU-GUGLE project in the city of Tampere and VTT research institute. The housing company got a grant from EU towards the investment costs. So far all the systems installed to the building have saved from the purchased energy use by 75%.

The chairperson of the board in the limited liability housing company Mr. Pertti Vesterinen has worked hard for many years to develop his housing company toward low-carbon future and lower all of the residents’ living costs. This effort has really paid off and he’s also been keen to help other housing companies to overcome the same challenges which they have faced.

European Heat Pump Association EHPA has been giving Heat Pump City of the Year award since 2011 for the most efficient, smart and sustainable heat pump projects at the local level. The purpose of the award is to raise people’s awareness, collect the best practice examples of heat pumps in urban areas that can be present to EU authorities and create role models for those who still hesitate to start using modern technologies. The criteria for the winning proposition were Renewable Energy Sources (RES) integration, efficiency level of the investment vs. reduced energy usage, replicability potential in similar kind of buildings and innovation values of the proposition.

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