Safety and security greetings – What is new in the field

Tampere Region has strong and multidisciplinary safety and security competence, as we already mentioned in connection with the safety and security ecosystem. Existing actors have expanded their cooperation and the strong competence has also attracted new actors in the region.

In November 2018, Insta Group and Intopalo joined forces, and Intopalo Digital is now one of the companies in Insta Group. With the merger, Insta grew into a centre of secure digitalisation with over a thousand employees. Insta’s strong competence in automation and security and Intopalo’s excellent expertise in industrial digitalisation further strengthen Insta’s role as one of the leading companies in security expertise in the region.

In January 2018, Saab opened a technology centre and now employs almost 20 engineers in Tampere. The centre develops software and microwave technology for products like Gripen fighter aircraft, radar and surveillance aircraft as well as ground sensor systems. Tampere University’s strong expertise in signal processing as well as the local concentration of competence in the defence industry are great for attracting defence industry companies to the region.

A new defence industry innovation centre was also established in Tampere. In January 2019, the consulting company Accenture opened a centre for digital development at its office in Hervanta. While the innovation centre is capable of introducing international innovation and new technology in the defence industry, it will certainly also benefit from the city region’s world-class competence in virtual technologies, signal processing and imaging.

Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster creates cooperation opportunities

Tampere Region plays an important role in developing the safety and security industry both nationally and internationally. Established in 2011 and consisting of authorities, researchers, specialists and influential business figures, the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster has received the Finnish Security Award in recognition of its work in promoting collaboration in the safety and security sector. The cluster now intends to expand into an actual ecosystem, i.e. get companies involved. The Safety and Security Cluster is led by Risto Honkonen and Anniina Autero from Tampere University.

In February 2019, the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster took part in the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) in Geneva. Demand for Finnish special expertise is also high in humanitarian activities. Increasing crises also bring more business opportunities in humanitarian help. The cluster took part in the event in order to assess the actions that would enable companies from Finland and, in particular, Tampere Region to be involved in these projects.

The Safety and Security Cluster also organises various events. 23 August, for example, saw the first breakfast event for companies with the theme of appropriate cyber security. The purpose of breakfast events is to bring together actors in the field.  Topics can be suggested to Risto Honkonen and Anniina Autero. In addition, on 10 October, the Safety and Security Cluster is organising the Safety and Security Research Symposium, which offers a wide variety of interesting programme. For more information and registration for the event, please visit:

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The “Safety and security greetings” blog posts cover the activities under the Smart Tampere programme’s smart safety and security theme. The final post in the series (8 October) will cast an eye to the future and shed light on what is about to happen next in smart safety and security.

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