Smart Tampere Ecosystem verticals and horizontals


Smart Tampere ecosystem themes and horizontal layers

Tampere is smart in many ways but we have identified these seven themes as the most important ones to take forward at this stage.

Smart Industry >
Smart Health >
Smart Government & Citizen >
Smart Mobility >
Smart Infrastructure >
Smart Buildings >
Smart Education >
There are five foundational topics for all Smart Tampere Ecosystem themes:

  • User experience: Empowering and inspiring users by optimizing the human-technology interaction. Utilization of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Smart City.
  • Analytics: Unlocking the value of data lakes by analytics of things. Increasing and improving fact-based decision making capabilities and finding new application areas.
  • Connectivity: Digital connectivity is the foundational infrastructure of each theme. Enabling and expanding the usage of data for all possible use cases and places with high data speed and security.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability not only as a result of our decicions but also in the technology acquired.
  • Safety: Security of the living environment but also of the information networks and personal data.
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