Smart urban security and event resilience project kicks off on 28 January

Last August, Tampere secured more than € 3M in EU funding for the development of smart urban security and event resilience. The development work will be launched in broad cooperation between the City of Tampere, Nokia, Insta Group, Securitas, Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Business Tampere. The kickoff of the project will be held on January 28th as part of Smart City Mindtrek 2020 Conference.

Lively events are a major attraction for the city and an important industry. Security is playing an increasingly important role in competing for events. From the point of view of the event organizer, Tampere should be a place where the event can be organized safely and in such a way that the guests enjoy the event and want to participate again and again. From the authorities’ point of view, events should be straightforward and damage preventive. Events must also be naturally integrated into the everyday lives of citizens.

Tampere Region has the largest concentration of safety and security expertise in Finland. The expertise of the area, combined with the extensive funding, provides excellent opportunities to simulate, test and build intelligent security solutions to improve the security of residents and visitors. With a total budget of 4M €, the project will simulate the behavior of human masses, the functioning of public spaces and, for example, the impact of lighting on people’s behavior in event and emergency situations.

Anniina Autero starts as a Project Manager

The City of Tampere is responsible for the management of the project. Anniina Autero, who is working at the Five Star City Center Development Program of the City of Tampere, started as the project manager at the beginning of November.

I look forward to building the project results. The partner network includes the best experts to create smart security solutions for urban event security. The task is very interesting and emphasizes the new security aspect. Successful event security work is not even noticed, but is integrated as an invisible part of the city community, says Autero.

Previously Autero worked at the Safety and Security Cluster of Tampere Region, at Tampere University. In recent years, the cluster has built a network of security know-how between research and education organizations, industry, public authorities and the third sector.

Security is done together, says Autero. Safety and security cluster work has contributed to the formation of a safety and security network. The Baltic Sea Institute of Finland and Business Tampere developed the SURE project concept together with the project partners. We are fortunate and privileged to be able to focus on developing demanding solutions together and have the resources to work together.

Several partners involved

In addition to the City of Tampere, several other partners from different sectors are involved in the project. The companies – Nokia, Insta Group and Securitas – are responsible for, among other things, the implementation of training and simulation platform and video analytics solutions.

Participation in the SURE project continues Insta’s long-standing and good cooperation with the Safety and Security cluster of Tampere Region. With the SURE project, we have the opportunity to work as part of the ecosystem, and to test and verify innovative solutions with different user groups. We are also looking forward to scaling solutions for wider use, tells Senior Consultant Sari Mäenpää from Insta Group Oy.

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are implementing participatory security planning measures in the project. Business Tampere is responsible for developing security-related business models and disseminating the results to other events, both locally and internationally.

The kickoff of the project will be held on January 28 as part of the international Smart City Mindtrek 2020 Conference and Business Expo in Tampere. The aim is to find important perspectives as the project moves to implementation.


More information

Anniina Autero
Project Manager, City of Tampere
tel. +358 44 4314 194

Website of the SURE project

Photo: Laura Vanzo

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