Tampere.Finland app includes now an electronic library card

An electronic library card has been added to the Tampere.Finland application. The card can be used in the Tampere libraries like a traditional library card, to borrow books or open the door of your own library.

A new version of the Tampere.Finland application has been released with an electronic library card. Customers can enable the electronic library card in the application by entering the number of their PIKI library card and its four-digit number. After authentication, the library card will be downloaded to the app and will conveniently travel along with your phone. The card is personal.

The electronic library card works at the Tampere City Library offices almost just like a traditional library card.

The card can be used to lend material at the lending machine or at the library’s customer service, and it can also be used to access your own library. In addition to the e-card, the customer needs a personal identification number, as with the traditional card. Only in printing and copying is the electronic library card still not working, says Network Manager Ismo Raitanen from Tampere City Library.

Every library in Tampere already has at least one lending machine and customer service point where the electronic library card can be used. The card also works in some other libraries at Tampere Region. The suitability of the card can be checked from your own library.

Lots of information for residents and travelers

In addition to the electronic library card, the Tampere.Finland application includes, among other things, route guidance, public transport routes and schedules, Tampere event calendar and local discounts. The application is constantly being developed. The goal is that in the future the application will cover many services of the Tampere area.

The electronic library card was developed together with the Tampere City Library, based on the wish of the users of the app. With the new digital service, we want to streamline the everyday life of the citizens: there is no need to plan library visits ahead anymore, the card will always travel easily with you, says Project Manager Anni Joela from the City of Tampere.

The Tampere.Finland application has been developed in the Smart Tampere programme together with the STARDUST project (funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 program) and Visit Tampere. The app has been implemented by Geniem Oy and can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Download Tampere.Finland app from Google Play Store (Android)

Download Tampere.Finland app from Apple App Store (iOS)

More information

Ismo Raitanen
Network Manager
Tampere City Library
tel. +358 400 831 796

Anni Joela
Project Manager, 6Cities City Guidance Ecosystem
City of Tampere
tel. +358 404 721 9867

Photo: Laura Vanzo
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