Tampere gets over MEUR 3 of EU funding for improving urban and event security

The Tampere Region has the largest security competence cluster in Finland. Security is also an increasingly crucial competitive factor in international event hosting applications, for example. The funding facilitates the creation of pioneering solutions for improving the daily security of residents and visitors.

Tampere is investing more in the integration of the security of major events as a part of urban security. The SURE – Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience Project has been granted MEUR 3.2 of funding by the EU’s Urban Innovative Actions initiative. Key targets include the city centre’s event venues, Ratina and the Central Square.

The approval of the project is a major demonstration of the brilliant work done in Tampere in smart city development and the city’s high standing as an event city in Europe. The competition for the funding is fierce. Out of 175 applications, only 20 were granted funding. The Tampere project was the only Finnish project approved, says Director Esa Kokkonen of the Baltic Institute of Finland.

The aim is to enhance the security of the people living in and visiting the city by developing smart security solutions associated with the urban environment. At the same time, it will strengthen the cooperation between security and event operators and the city residents’ participation in urban development. The solutions implemented in the project include, for example, sensor data integration and 3D models, simulations and real-life exercises created based thereon as well as investments in a smart lighting network, CCTV supervision and traffic signs.

A comprehensive urban security solution will be created in Tampere, the likes of which has never been done before. The development project is an excellent way to strengthen the visibility of the region’s security competence at the national and internationally level. It also creates new business opportunities for companies, states Petri Nykänen, Director, Business Development at Business Tampere, who is responsible for the security theme of the Smart Tampere Programme.

Tampere invests in urban security in many different ways. The city’s rapid growth, ongoing and future major investments and busy event activities all emphasise security as a strategic focus of urban development.

The project gives us a valuable additional resource for developing new solutions for the security planning of event venues and implementing security during events, says Jouni Perttula, Risk Management and Security Manager at the City of Tampere

Amounting to MEUR 4 in total, the project will start on 1 September 2019 and last for three years. The project firmly supports the City of Tampere’s Smart Tampere and Five-Star City Centre development programmes.


Who is involved?

The project is led by the City of Tampere, with a diverse team of expert ecosystem operators contributing from the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster and the Smart Tampere Programme.

Participating companies include Nokia, Insta DefSec, Intopalo Digital and Securitas, charged with the implementation of the training and simulation platform and video analysis solutions. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are taking charge of participatory security planning measures that increase the participation of city residents and stakeholders. Business Tampere is in charge of the development of business models linked to security and of the distribution of results to other event venues in Tampere.

Other key stakeholders of the project include the security authorities, such as the Central Finland Police Department, Tampere Region Rescue Department and the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), which help with the planning and execution of simulations and drills, for example.


Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an ERDF-funded initiative of the European Commission aimed at finding new and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by cities. The initiative will distribute a total of MEUR 372 of funding to urban projects in member states between 2014 and 2020. UIA encourages cities to take risks and try out more innovative and creative solutions for their challenges with various partners. The initiative’s fourth round of applications closed on 31 January 2019.


More information:

Risk Management and Security Manager Jouni Perttula, City of Tampere, tel. +358 40 196 6512, jouni.perttula@tampere.fi

Director, Business Development Petri Nykänen, Business Tampere, tel. +358 40 806 2375, petri.nykanen@businesstampere.com

Director Esa Kokkonen, the Baltic Institute of Finland, tel. +358 50 516 9111, esa.kokkonen@tampere.fi

The European Comission’s press release:


Photo: Laura Vanzo

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