tampere smart city week 25. - 31.1.2020


The Tampere Smart City Week events are located right in the center of Tampere, so they are easy to reach from anywhere. Please check the event details for more focused information about the event. Use the links below to find out more about Tampere, accommodation tips and directions to Tampere.

Finlayson Area

Most of the events take place in the Finlayson area, which is located in the heart of Tampere in the Tammerkoski National Park, close to Keskustori. The traditional area is known as the industrial and service innovator around which Tampere was built. Today, the area has been modernized into a diverse hub of business, leisure, culture and restaurants. There is the modern cinema halls of Finnkino Plevna, where most of the sessions are held, as well as the Vooninki exhibit, which serves as the exhibition space for the Business Expo. In addition, the area is open throughout the week with a presentation of the development of the center of Tampere in Gallery Nottbeck.

Street address:
Vooninki exhibit (Old Factory)
Väinö Linnan aukio, 33210 Tampere

Finnkino Plevna

Most of the sessions are held in Finnkino Plevna’s modern halls. The halls of Finnkino Plevna are designed to meet the latest quality standards in the industry. Halls and auditoriums provide the best viewing experience. City busses stop at either Satakunnankatu or the Keskustori, where pedestrians  can enter the area at Finlayson’s main gate (pictured). There are also several parking halls nearby.

Street address:
Finnkino Plevna
Itäinenkatu 4, 33210 Tampere

Tampere Hall (Tampere Talo)

Tampere Hall is a culture and conference centre full of wonderful experiences. It hosts nearly thousand events every year and also provide a home for the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, à la carte Restaurant Tuhto and the world’s only Moomin Museum.

At Tampere Smart City Week, every citizen will be able to explore the Smart City development of  Tampere on Saturday at Tampere Hall. Valoa Pimeyteen -event is open to everyone at Tampere Hall.
In addition, the Tampere Business Forum will be housed in Tampere Hall on Friday.

Tampere Hall is in the centre of Tampere, just 500 metres from the bus station and railway station. Most of the hotels in Tampere are located within 2–15 minutes’ walk from Tampere Hall.

Street adress:
Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100 Tampere

Story of Tampere

Tampere is a state of mind. It is something that resides within all of us and is deeply rooted in the ridges of the landscape. Here, by the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids, ideas have always been born.

They have turned into lines of work – and even entire communities. Whenever a set of machines has fallen silent, new thoughts have soon filled that space. Rolls of cloth have changed into lines of code and unforgettable experiences.

A promise of things to come has been planted into the rough brick walls and the rows of  windows rise ever higher. The city skyline may change, but you can always find that familiar feeling in Tampere.
This is home.


Katri Schulze


Tampere Smart City Week

Business Tampere

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