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Teaching tools at the upper secondary level

Digital learning environments and other facilitative solutions for learning and teaching are being developed at vocational colleges and general upper secondary schools. If vocational training is to continue the trend of transferring to workplaces, the future will bring increased demand for digital learning environments. Learning environments and tools must also allow easy access not only to students and teachers but also staff members in the workplace.


Flexible vocational studies through online courses

All common compulsory units at Tredu, Tampere Vocational College, can now be completed online. The implementation of these online courses has been prepared in close cooperation with teachers. The development of functional online courses is continuous work, which is why student feedback has been actively collected. Many students appreciate the opportunity to study independently of time and place.

Osaava Tredu – a toolbox for teachers and students

The website (in Finnish) provides topical tips and tools to facilitate teaching and learning. Created in collaboration between the Smart Tampere Digitalization Program and Tredu, the website aims to make teachers’ expertise visible and support teachers to adopt new, useful working methods. The website is open to all, so anyone interested in the contents is welcome to use the ‘Teams’ tips on the website, for example.

Training events and workshops

Training and workshops organised for upper secondary level staff support employees to adopt new tools. In addition, they help ensure that previously introduced tools are used effectively. Microsoft Teams and H5P are examples of topics that have proved popular. Training events are mainly offered based on the teams’ own requests.

“It seems that it is not that important how you participate in the teaching. What counts is that you are able to participate.” – Tutkija, FT Mikko Myllymäki

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