The lessons of energy-efficient living and mobility were shared on 29.1. in Tampere

Finnish cities and their partner companies presented solutions for energy-efficient and carbon-neutral living and mobility in Tampere on January 29, 2020 at the replication event called “Success Stories and Development Challenges of Carbon Neutral and Energy-efficient Mobility, Building and Energy from Finnish Lighthouse Projects”.

About 50 participants from across Europe heard at the replication workshop on how low-emission housing, district heating and public transport have been developed in Helsinki, Kerava, Oulu, Tampere and Vaasa. There was a concise overview of the experiences of Finnish cities and companies that could be learned from. In order to facilitate replication, the business cases, legal issues and market barriers were also linked to the case examples. The event facilitated the dissemination of information not only in Finland but also throughout Europe.

We were told that a multipurpose charger will soon be tested in Helsinki, which would serve not only public transport but also municipal vehicles and taxis. The whole thing looked like something that could work in Tampere, says one of the organisers, Project Manager Maarit Vehviläinen of the STARDUST project.

During the day, the participants also visited the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland´s Autonomous Transport Test Area and heard how the topic has been researched and developed in Finland.

The replication workshop was organized by projects STARDUST, IRIS Smart Cities, MatchUP, Making-City and mySMARTLife. They have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme. The event was part of the Tampere Smart City Week. The presentation materials can be found below.


Introduction: How to replicate?

Social and economic aspects that are necessary for a successful replication, Mauritz Knuts (pdf)

Case studies and technical solutions, mobility

What do the new EU regulations for public transport mean to the Cities? Marko Paakkinen (pdf)

Experiences on eBuses and future fleet plans in Tampere, Juha-Pekka Häyrynen (pdf)

Experiences on eBuses and future fleet plans in Tampere, Kalle Keinonen (pdf)

Shared charging of buses and working vehicles, Marko Paakkinen (pdf)

Small municipal experiences in developing carbon neutral public transport, Johanna Kuusisto (pdf)

Promoting cycling in Northern Finland, Samuli Rinne (pdf)

Legal and market barriers related to mobility and how to overcome them, Carmine Brescia (pdf)

Study visit: VTT´s autonomous driving test area in Hervanta

VTT automated vehicles team, Pertti Peussa (pdf)

VTT general presentation, Pertti Peussa (pdf)

Case studies and technical solutions, energy and buildings

Cost Efficient Way to Retrofit Residential Buildings – lessons learnt in EU-GUGLE, Terttu Vainio (pdf)

Energy-efficient Kaukovainio, Samuli Rinne (pdf)

Low carbon district heating – business models and learnings, Timo Heikkilä (pdf)

Merihaka Case, Henrik Jacobsson (pdf)

Correct use of heating energy using smart thermostats, Markku Makkonen (pdf)

Towards carbon neutral energy in Vaasa, Hans-Alexander Öst (pdf)

Legal and market barriers related to energy and buildings and how to overcome them, Diego Brancatelli (pdf)


More information

Maarit Vehviläinen
Project Manager
City of Tampere
tel. +358 50 336 7696

Photo: Anna Vilhula

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