Traffic lights communicate intelligently with drivers in Tampere, Finland

A mobile application has been developed for use by drivers in Tampere, Finland. The app provides its users real-time information about traffic light status, possible malfunctions and optimum driving speed in the coverage area of ​​the traffic light controlled interface. Testers are now being sought for the app.

The aim is to provide a driver with sufficiently accurate, reliable and real-time information to enable the driver to adjust his driving speed so that he does not have to stop or the stop time at traffic lights is kept to a minimum. Real-time disturbance messages provide the driver with information on possible congestion and disturbances on the street network. This will improve the flow of traffic and reduce emissions as fuel consumption declines.

The application is called GLOSA (Green Light Optimized Speed ​​Advisory). It was previously tested at a few intersections in Tampere in 2016, but has now been expanded to 18 intersections across the city. The application is provided by Dynniq Finland Oy.

In addition to real-time traffic light status information, the GLOSA application notifies the user of the road surface temperature reported by the nearest road weather station and, when necessary, warns of an alert vehicle approaching slippery roads, congestion, approaching road work and traffic lights.

With applications such as GLOSA, we are able to provide road users with real-time information on the situation on the Tampere street network, and give the driver the opportunity to optimize their own driving behavior based on traffic light status information. At the same time, C-ITS solutions, i.e. infra-vehicle communication, are being piloted, says Project Manager Mika Kulmala from the City of Tampere.

The application is made as easy to use as possible and requires no action on the part of the user after launch. The application only displays traffic light status information when approaching a traffic light junction, otherwise only the current speed and road surface temperature are visible in the application view. Congestion and roadside warnings are displayed whenever they occur.

This is how you register as a tester

The app requires an Android device and Google Play app store IDs to work. If you drive in Tampere and want to test the app, send an email to with the email address you would like to use for the application in the store. You will receive a link in an automatic return message that allows you to register as a beta tester and download the application to your device. The link only works with the email address you provided. Enter “GLOSA IDs and your name” in the email header. The link will work within about three business days of your posting.


More information

Jukka-Pekka Ala-Nissi
Operative Director, Dynniq Finland Oy
tel. +358 40 577 4175

Mika Kulmala
Project Manager, City of Tampere
tel. +358 50 382 6455

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