Wanted: companies and associations interested in circular economy

Do you have a vision for the future of food production? Do you know how to utilise side streams in construction? And how can we better preserve biodiversity in Hiedanranta? Join the KIEPPI project.

The KIEPPI project is developing Hiedanranta in Tampere into a neighbourhood of circular economy, together with various partners. We are looking for companies and associations that operate in the following areas of circular economy:

  1. Solutions for urban food production
  2. Use of recovered materials in groundworks
  3. Circular economy in blue and green infrastructure

The main objective of the project is to produce a partnership model in which the city, businesses, research organisations and residents can work together to implement infrastructure solutions, service solutions and products that promote circular economy. The model also provides other cities with a tool to co-create neighbourhoods with companies and other partners on the terms of circular economy”, says Project Manager Karoliina Tuukkanen.

There are already several companies and associations in Hiedanranta that develop, for example, sanitation systems and nutrient cycles or produce biocarbon, food or energy in a sustainable way. One example of the project partners is the Villi vyöhyke ry (Wild Zone association).

Villi vyöhyke recycles biodiversity

Villi vyöhyke is a nature conservation association founded in Tampere in 2013. The association implements, trials and develops new practices in nature conservation and management.

With the KIEPPI project, the association is carrying out a project aimed at identifying, selecting and developing plants from the current vegetation in Hiedanranta that could be exploited in the green areas of the future new neighbourhood. Villi vyöhyke has already started, for example, seed bank cultivation trials and seed collection for further processing.

The trials will show us how vegetation can be ‘further processed’ so that the small crops in Hiedanranta can produce enough materials to create, say, large meadows.

What ideas do you have for developing a circular economy? Please get in touch with us”, says Tuukkanen.

More information
Karoliina Tuukkanen
Project Manager
Tel. +358 41 730 1710
E-mail karoliina.tuukkanen@tampere.fi

The KIEPPI partnership model for sustainable neighbourhoods project is developing Kera in Espoo, Hiedanranta in Tampere and Tiedepuisto in Turku into sustainable neighbourhoods that generate new jobs and business based on circular economy and sharing economy. The two-year project (1 August 2019–30 June 2021) is an ERDF-funded 6Time project. 6Time is a joint strategy of the six largest cities in Finland (Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu and Turku) to develop more open and smarter services and to create new knowledge, business and jobs.

Photo: Kalle and Anna from Villi Vyöhyke ry (Wild Zone) collect milk-vetch seeds. Photo: Jere Nieminen, Villi vyöhyke.

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