Tampere City Hacks in June and October

Pic: Visit Tampere photo bank/Jarkko Haarla

Smart Tampere program by the City of Tampere is holding two #TampereCityHack hackathons in June and October this year about gathering and utilizing data in city environment. Best teams are rewarded with pilot executions.

The first hackathon is held June 4th and 5th 2018 at the Tampere Technical University Kampusareena. The challenge will be announced soon.

Tampere City Hacks are looking for innovations and solutions for how the city environment can be used as a service platform. The City of Tampere is interested in what kind of data can be utilized and produced in city environement and what kind of means in data gathering should be used in order to produce tese solutions. The themes can utilize city assets like the city 3D model, Azure cloud, Hervanta test platform and the city fiber and IoT networks, to mention a few.

Tampere City Hacks will be published in Hilma system, the smarttampere.fi website and the IndustryHack website. The competition is executed as a procuremetn and the best team get to make a pilot with the City of Tampere. 

The competitions are fasilitated by IndustryHack that pre-screens the teams and handels all the arrengements. Each team gets a mentor from the Smart Tampere program that helps them prepare. The teams are required to have a VAT number in order for the city to pay the pilot prize. Teams can have 1 to 3 members.

Tampere City Hack jury consists of Smart Tampere team members from the City of Tampere.

The other Tampere City Hack is held October 10th and 11th during Tampere Smart City Week and as part of Mindtrek event. Two more Tampere City Hacks are held in 2019.