About Smart Tampere

What’s what?

Smart Tampere is the strategic development programme of the City of Tampere for 2017–2021. The programme is building a sustainable and smart Tampere region in which housing, living and mobility are carbon neutral and in which services are user-oriented and work digitally and flexibly.

We also boost Tampere as an internationally recognised hub of expertise, an attractive place for talent, students, companies and new business initiatives.

Smart Tampere

The programme consists of three elements, whose implementation is led by the City of Tampere and the Tampere region economic development agency Business Tampere.

It is advanced in extensive cooperation with companies, research institutions, organisations and city residents.

Programme breakdown


Tampere has emerged as one of Finland’s most notable smart cities

We have built a network that allows city residents, companies and research institutions to pilot and develop smart city solutions. A total of 26 joint experiments have been completed so far, eleven of which have also been integrated as a more permanent element in the city’s operations.

In addition to the experiments, we have opened up parts of the urban environment as test platforms to benefit various involved parties. The events we have organised have allowed hundreds of participants to hear about the latest technologies, network and present their ideas.


Active participation in national and international smart city networks

Tampere is an active participant in several networks in which best practices and experiences of smart city development are shared. Inter-municipal cooperation helps to scale the most functional solutions internationally. Furthermore, cities that are perceived as forerunners, such as Tampere, attract new investments and talent into the region.


Smart Tampere springs from cooperation

The internationally renowned Smart Tampere brand can be used by anyone operating in the Tampere region who is either producing, developing or studying smart and sustainable solutions. The solutions may have to do with technology, digitalisation or ecologically sustainable operating methods.

We highlight smart solutions in the Smart Tampere social media channels with the hashtag #SmartTampere. We also publish news on smart solutions in the Tampere region in our channels. If you have news you would like to share, please contact Anni Ylinen (anni.ylinen@visittampere.fi).

Smart organisations in the region are welcome to use the Smart Tampere Ecosystem logo and the Tampere.Finland symbol too.